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General Practice has become more complex in recent years and the demand for primary health care services has grown. In order for the NHS to continue to provide for the needs of the population, contractual and structural changes are needed. Some of these changes are beyond the means of individual practices, so there have developed groupings of practices around the country in order to deliver the additional services required on a larger scale. The Cambs GP Network is an example of such a grouping and our main aim is to promote primary care by identifying and addressing workforce and training issues, develop system-wide services to improve the quality of care of patients with one or more long-term conditions and expand access to routine GP and practice nursing appointments.


Although our member practices will retain their individual identity and staff, the Federation supports a number of health care hubs, typically large practices with good access, where extended services (both in terms of timing and scope) can be delivered as close to patients' homes as possible. Routine appointments for nursing procedures, monitoring and management of long term conditions and assessment of new problems are available on week day evenings and at weekends.

Please visit the "GP Extended Access" page for more information.

Our Principles

  • To secure a viable future for individual General Practices working together at scale

  • To be in a position to win contracts to provide services that benefit patients and help secure a strong primary care network

  • To provide a single collective voice that adequately represents Primary Care within the local health economy

  • Through collaboration, achieve economies of scale, better manage workload for General Practice and avoid duplication of effort

  • To be able to provide career opportunities to enable people to develop in clinical and non-clinical roles

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